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Course Description


Basics of Finance is an online course for the preparation of Basics of Finance course in the University of Vienna


The online course will consist of videos and quizzes, as well as a WhatsApp group where all the questions of students regarding Basics of Finance topics will be answered. Please note that the course is still under construction and therefore not all videos are produced yet (scroll down to see which videos are produced and which are still in production). However you can still get access to the already produced videos and give suggestions on which topics we should work on next.



Main Topics of the Course:


  • Chapter 1: Consumption Bundles
  • Chapter 2: Law of One Price
  • Chapter 3: Arrow Securities
  • Chapter 4: Options
  • Chapter 5: Bond Pricing
  • Chapter 6: Financial Decisions and the Theory of Choice
  • Chapter 7: Optimal Portfolio Selection